Introducing Me


Hello there! This is Maria from instagram’s @little.livres. After a couple months of thinking, I have decided to create my very first blog in where I express and show my love for books and art. In this blog I may post some watercolor calligraphy made by yours truly, some book-related posts and many more!


“Why little livres?”

Well, last May 2015 when I started my bookstagram (@little.livres) I wanted my username to be unique and book-related. I searched some words related to books until I stumbled upon ‘livres‘ which is the french term of books..and viola! Little.Livres was made!


“Why Maria’s Escape?”

Mainly because my first name is Maria and I feel that this blog will be my escape from reality. πŸ™‚


Well that’s all for now! I hope ya’ll stick around and enjoy my posts here in my blog πŸ™‚



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